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Your Own Personal Sports Dietitian

Here at Sports Nutrition University, we equip high school and college athletes with game changing nutrition expertise. We aim to improve their energy, focus, body composition, strength, and endurance through our guidance and program framework.


Who We Are

Sports Nutrition University believes every college athlete deserves access to nutrition education that helps them improve their health and athletic performance both now and long-term.


Our Founder/CEO

Nicole Bianco has experience working with athletes at the University of Kentucky, University of Illinois, Utah Valley University, and Valparaiso University. She knows the kind of challenges college athletes are up against when it comes to nutrition education and lifestyle changes. Athletes are BEHIND when it comes to their nutrition, and they don’t have to be. Nutrition skills and behaviors can be learned and applied at any level so that athletes can GET AHEAD in performing at their best. Nicole also grew up playing sports and loves to compete. She is familiar with that hunger of wanting to be the best and win while staying healthy and injury-free in the process.

Why Choose Us

We are Registered Dietitians who employ evidence-based Nutrition Education, Coaching, and Consulting.

We impact a greater number of athletes in less time than an on-campus resource can with our group coaching framework.

We are a team with unique talents, experiences, and personalities who together can connect with a wide variety of athletes and personalities.

We are highly accessible and available with an emphasis outside of normal business hours when athletes are available and more likely to need support.


Consult With an Expert Today

We have helped hundreds of athletes through our programs. Feel free to contact us at Sports Nutrition University to learn more about what we can do for you.